If you want to do nothing, or do it all Wildings Hotel offers you the very best Ayrshire hospitality

By all means just unwind on the beaches and around the quaint old fishing harbour of Maidens. They are right on the doorstep and when you ready for more you will discover we are right at the heart of visitor attractions that span art, poetry, history, sport, shopping, mountains, lochs, countryside and are famous throughout the world. So no surprise Ayrshire is one of the worlds and the UK’s most rated holiday destinations. It would take a library of books to describe all that can be seen and enjoyed but here is just a short list of what is available close to or easily reached from Wildings Hotel.

There are museums art galleries and many historical sites and also links to Robert Burns in the busy, cosmopolitan, shopping metropolis of Ayr and everywhere around Maidens, an area the “Scottish Bard” makes much of it in his witty verse. Separate to all that Culzean Castle is one the most spectacular sites the UK with its renowned clifftop views, cafes, gardens, play parks and wildlife and it is still making history today as it has done for centuries.

The Galloway Forest Park is one of the remote wilderness areas of the UK, with high mountains, beautiful lochs, history and wildlife. As big as the Lake District but quieter, more natural and is conversely home to Kirroughtree Visitor Centre and a world class Mountain Biking centre. If you like truly wild, untamed country to view, walk, cycle and climb through you will have found it like no where else in the England or Scotland.

As you can expect it also a haven for all the iconic Scottish species including Pine Marten, Osprey, Harriers, Sparrow Hawks, Red Kites, Golden Eagles, Otters, Red Squirrel, Red deer and very many birds that thrive in the numerous RSPB reserves, however most of these species can be seem on casual walks, such is the peaceful, nature of the Galloway Forest Park.

It designated ancient woodlands has many castles, hill forts and historical sites that are free and just waiting for you to discover.

Golf, golf, golf and more golf than any gofer could ever want is covered on the golf page and if you put into context of a family holiday, the family will have just as good a time while you are playing Turnberry, so all can very happy, indeed.

Scotland has always been famous for salmon fishing but there is much more to be enjoyed on the myriads of Ayrshire rivers, lochs and stocked trout fisheries, too numerous to list. However many anglers from south of the border are discovering the vast amounts of coarse fishing that by English standards are comparatively unfished.

Wildings Hotel stands on the shores of mighty Firth of Clyde looking out to Arran and further south Ailsa Craig. So we have beach, cliff, harbour and boat fishing on the doorstep with some famous charter angler skippers operating out of Girvan 10 miles down the road. If the family would also like a few hours afloat a trip to Ailsa Craig puts them right alongside the one of the world’s biggest seabird colonies and is an unforgettable sight.

Then it’s welcome back to the best of Ayrshire hospitality for some good food and wine.